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Sweet - Sensational Sweet (9CD) (2017) FLAC

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Sweet - Sensational Sweet (9CD) (2017) FLAC

Quality: FLAC 16 bit / 44.1 kHz (Tracks)
Artist: Sweet
Title: Sensational Sweet
Released: 2017
Style: Pop Rock
RAR Size: 3.74 Gb

1971 Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be
01. Co-Co
02. Chop Chop
03. Reflections
04. Honeysuckle Love
05. Santa Monica Sunshine
06. Daydream
07. Funny Funny
08. Tom Tom Turnaround
09. Jeanie
10. Sunny Sleeps Late
11. Spotlight
12. Done Me Wrong All Right
13. Be With You Soon

1974 Sweet Fanny Adams
01. Set Me Free
02. Heartbreak Today
03. No You Don’t
04. Rebel Rouser
05. Peppermint Twist
06. Sweet F.A.
07. Restless
08. In To The Night
09. AC-DC
10. In To The Night (Demo)
11. Set Me Free (Demo)
12. Rebel Rouser (Steve Priest Lead Vocal Version)

1974 Desolation Boulevard
01. The Six Teens
02. Solid Gold Brass
03. Turn It Down
04. Medussa
05. Lady Starlight
06. Man With The Golden Arm
07. Fox On The Run
08. Breakdown
09. My Generation
10. I Wanna Be Committed (Strung Up Full Length Version)
11. Medussa (Demo)
12. Burn On The Flame (Demo)
13. Turn It Down (Alternate Intro)
14. Are You Coming To See Me (Early Rehersal Version Of Medussa)
15. Fox On The Run (Demo)
16. Lady Starlight (Demo)

1976 Give Us A Wink!
01. The Lies In Your Eyes
02. Cockroach
03. Keep It In
04. 4th Of July
05. Action
06. Yesterday’s Rain
07. White Mice
08. Healer
09. Cockroach (Munich Mix)
10. 4th Of July (Munich Mix)
11. Action (Strung Up Edit)
12. Cockroach (Demo)

1977 Off The Record
01. Fever Of Love
02. Lost Angels
03. Midnight To Daylight
04. Windy City
05. Live For Today
06. She Gimme Lovin’
07. Laura Lee
08. Hard Times
09. Funk It Up
10. Midnight To Daylight (Extended Version)
11. Lost Angels (Demo Version)
12. She Gimme Lovin’ (Alternate Version)
13. Hard Times (Alternate Version)
14. Fever Of Love (U.S. Single Version)
15. Fever Of Love (Demo)
16. A Distinct Lack Of Ancient (Demo)

1977 Level Headed
01. Dream On
02. Love Is Like Oxygen
03. California Nights
04. Strong Love
05. Fountain
06. Anthem No. I (Lady Of The Lake)
07. Silverbird
08. Lettres D’Amour
09. Anthem No. II
10. Air On ’A’ Tape Loop
11. Love Is Like Oxygen (7’’ Version)
12. California Nights (7’’ Version)
13. Cover Girl
14. Show Me The Way
15. Dream On (Rehersal Version)
16. Strong Love (Rehersal Version)
17. California Nights (Rehersal Version)
18. Dream On (Acoustic Guitar Demo)

2017 The Lost Singles
01. Stairway To The Stars (Non Album Single A-Side)
02. Why Don’t You Do It To Me (Non Album Single B-Side)
03. Funk It Up (Disco Mix / Non Album Single B-Side)
04. A Distinct Lack Of Ancient (Non Album Single B-Side)
05. Action (Non Album Single A-Side Version)
06. Fox On The Run (Non Album Single A-Side Version)
07. Miss Demeanor (Non Album Single B-Side)
08. Someone Else Will (Non Album Single B-Side)
09. Burn On The Flame
10. Teenage Rampage (Non Album Single A-Side)
11. Own Up, Take A Look At Yourself (Non Album Single B-Side)
12. The Ballroom Blitz (Non Album Single A-Side)
13. Rock & Roll Disgrace (Non Album Single A-Side Version)
14. Hell Raiser (Non Album Single A-Side)
15. Burning (Non Album Single B-Side)
16. Block Buster! (Non Album Single A-Side)
17. Need A Lot Of Lovin’ (Non Album Single B-Side)
18. Wig Wam Bam (Non Album Single A-Side)
19. New York Connection (Non Album Single B-Side)
20. Little Willy (Non Album Single A-Side)
21. Man From Mecca (Non Album Single B-Side)
22. Poppa Joe (Non Album Single A-Side)
23. Alexander Graham Bell (Non Album Single A-Side)
24. You’re Not Wrong For Loving Me (Non Album Single B-Side)

2017 The Rainbow - (Live In The UK 1973)
01. The Stripper (Intro)
02. Hell Raiser
03. Burning / Someone Else Will
04. Rock’n Roll Disgrace
05. Wig Wam Bam
06. Need A Lot Of Loving
07. Done Me Wrong All Right
08. You’re Not Wrong For Loving Me
09. The Man With The Golden Arm
10. Little Willy
11. Teenage Rampage
12. Rock ’N' Roll Medley:
a Keep-A-Knockin' / b Shakin' All Over / c Lucille d Great Balls Of Fire / e Reelin' And Rockin' f Peppermint Twist / g Shout
13. Ballroom Blitz
14. Block Buster!

2017 The Sweet At The BEEB - (The BBC Radio Sessions)
01. Lollipop Man (Radio One Club)
02. Time (Radio One Club)
03. The Juicer (BBC Session)
04. All You’ll Ever Get From Me (Dave Cash)
05. Love Me Two Times (BBC Session)
06. I Can’t Explain (BBC Session)
07. Paperback Writer (Jimmy Young Show)
08. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (BBC Session)
09. Baby What You Want Me To Do (BBC Session)
10. The Who Medley:
a Substitute / b Daddy Rollin' Stone / c Happy Jack d Pictures Of Lily / e My Generation / f I'm A Boy / g I Can't Explain (BBC Session)
11. Summertime Blues (BBC Session)
12. Done Me Wrong All Right (BBC Session)
13. Mr. Business Man (Terry Wogan)
14. Santa Monica Sunshine (Dave Lee Travis)
15. Chop Chop (Jimmy Young Show)
16. Lucille / Great Balls Of Fire (Alan Freeman)
17. Need A Lot Of Lovin’ (BBC Session)


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